Based in Lugano, Switzerland, CM Swiss, is an international trading company active in marketing and sales of products for the Steel Industry as well as sales of steel products from the same Steel Industry. CM Swiss is the result of the experience acquired by its founders in the international trading business. International trading must be governed by competence, skills, techniques and instruments that belong to the know-how built by CM Swiss’s management within the steel industry over the years. The knowledge and the professional use of such instruments, together with the deep understanding of the business are the grounds on which CM Swiss services are based. The company is dedicated to create and add value to both suppliers and customers with a widespread geographical presence and ready to react to rapid-changing and evolving markets, as this is one of the most crucial issues that all players have to face in the steel business. The winning reasons of CM Swiss success are the long terms relations established since many years of activities, with many Steel producers in various parts of the world. CM Swiss Trading business models are based as well on consolidated relationship with reliable and selected partners for a long terms business relationship. Leveraging on a strong expertise in trading and shipping operations and on its international presence, CM Swiss supplies customers worldwide. To meet the needs of the globalization markets the company has set up a strong network of partners in many parts all over the world. In order to maintain a dynamic and efficient control of the market, CM Swiss has expanded its business potential with Representative offices or Agents in several key locations around the world. A team of dedicated professionals keeps the company up-to-date with international market trends. CM Swiss exports nowdays in more than 40 countries worldwide.