In the past few years, CM Swiss has quickly become one of the most appreciated suppliers of graphite electrodes in many countries thanks to optimum quality and reliable service. This position in the market was possible, since to CM Swiss has established solid partnerships with some of the world’s leading graphite producers and relations only with ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturers. Production facilities use modern technologies and high quality equipments. CM Swiss Graphite Electrodes have been continuously improved in the years, and are produced with top quality needle coke and raw materials. They are subjected to rigorous testing and Quality control procedures, in order to guarantee a high and consistent quality to the end users. Optimized for maximum performance and minimal consumption and offered at competitive prices, CM Swiss graphite electrodes have the proven capability to maximize steel production while reducing production costs. All our products are aimed to increased productivity and customer production value. Graphite electrodes are available with diameters from 300 to 700 mm (from to 12 to 28 inches), in lengths from 1,500 to 2,700 mm (from 60 to 108 inches), and in various quality grades UHP, HP, SHP. CM Swiss has a permanent stock of graphite electrodes in the most common specifications to cover also special and quick delivery to Customers. Graphite electrodes are sold directly from CM Swiss Headquarter as well as through its worldwide sales network an agents organization, to meet quickly Customer needs.