Our portfolio of products for the steel industry ranges from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, isostatically pressed products and prefab components for the lining of different units and applications in the steel production chain.

Our products and consultancies aims to increase our Customer productivity, using the most appropriate products and, at the same time, allowing reduction of refractories costs based on the optimization and adaptation of lining concepts to the specific production processes.



The challenge for refractory producers is to design optimum refractory products from suitable raw materials for each of the customer´’s production processes. The optimum formula decides. CM swiss, as a result of years of close cooperation with customers, is able to offer tailor-made refractory solutions for any customer requirement. CM Swiss provides all types of refractory products which are necessary for steel production.

Shaped products (bricks)

We supply refractory bricks in all globally standardized shapes and sizes. The characteristics of the applied product depend on the area of application in the steel plant. Product differentiation is mainly based on the raw material, the binder system and the product function. Our bricks can be dinided in the following main groups:

Magnesia bricks

We supply a wide range of magnesia bricks for different needs and applications. Unfired magnesia bricks are primarily used for oxygen converters, electric furnaces and ladles. Depending on the wear mechanism, carbon-bonded (and resin-bonded products are applied. Fired magnesia bricks are used for permanent linings, in vacuum processes as magnesia-chromite bricks and for special products like purging plugs, tap holes etc.

Dolomitic bricks

Refractory products based on burnt dolomite are mainly used in the steel industry. Thanks to their extremely low rate of impurities the bricks are suitable for the refractory linings of casting and treatment ladles as well as for the refractory linings of AOD converters.

Alumina-silica bricks

We supply a wide range of alumina-silica bricks for different needs and applications. Large volumes of fired fireclay bricks are used in hot blast stoves in iron production. In torpedo and casting ladles, fired bauxite bricks are applied in the permanent lining and resin-bonded high alumina bricks in the wear lining.

Unshaped products (mixes and mortars)

Unshaped products (mixes and mortars) are used in the different application areas of steel production.

Basic mixes

A wide range of basic mixes (magnesia mixes) are available for different application areas in steel production. Our product’s portfolio covers hearth mixes and hearth repair mixes for the EAF, gunning, ramming mixes and castables for the BOF, EAF and the casting ladle as well as mortars and special mixes for other application areas.

Depending on the area of application, the following product groups are available:

Non basic mixes

We supply a wide range of non basic mixes (System Al2O3-SiO2) for different applications in iron and steel production. High grade mixes based on corundum are used for monolithic ladle linings and for hot metal launders (with SiC and carbon addition). Bauxitic mixes are in use for permanent linings of tundishes. Nonbasic gunning mixes are necessary for efficient lining and repair processes (e.g. torpedo ladles). In the form of mortars and mastics they are indispensable auxiliaries in nearly all units of iron and steel production. Nonbasic mixes are furthermore the base for manufacturing pre-shaped products like EAF roofs, purging plugs, well blocks and tundish furniture.

Depending on the area of application, the following product groups are available: